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The neighborhood collects samples of their backyard waterways and display them in a library of local water specimens.

Watershed Pantry

Charlotte, North Carolina, 2015

Part of Keeping Watch on Water, directed by Crista Cammaroto, June Lambla, and Mary Newsom.

Commissioned by UNC Charlotte College of Arts and Architecture and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute with Lambla artWORKS.


Glass jars, lids, collected water, wooden shelves, paper labels


17' high x 32' wide x 6" deep

We created a space in the gallery to receive samples of water collected from people’s local streams. School groups and community centers were given empty jars and lids to send out with people so that they could find their local waterways and fill the jars with a sample of the water. Filled jars were returned to the gallery and each person wrote out a label and placed the water sample in designated areas, according to the watershed, on the shelves. The overall collection allows the visitors to compare the array of water quality throughout the region’s streams.

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