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Bushwhacking down brambly slopes and under highway bridges to collect local streams and rivers—and then bringing water samples back to the gallery to map the waterways is a whole new way to witness the watershed.

Susquehanna Collected

Lore Degenstein Gallery, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA 2023

Curated by Laura Libert

With help from Matt Wilson, Director of the Freshwater Institute and the students of Susquehanna University


Glass vials, wire, river and stream water from local waterways


14' high x 23' long x 1" deep

A map of the confluence of the north and west branches of the Susquehanna is re-created on the gallery wall, using vials of water from each tributary depicted. Volunteers collected water samples from every stream and creek in this portion of the watershed. The waters were gathered in bottles and buckets, carefully labeled and brought back to the gallery—and then used to filled tiny glass vials with the different waters and hung on the wall.

Check out the catalogue for more details:

Flow Catalogue

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