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These six frames detail the water treatment park acid mine in Vitondale, PA.

Testing the Waters: Acid Mine Drainage & Art

Kassel, Germany, 2002

In collaboration with Julie Bargmann, Landscape Architect

Part of documenta 11


Glass, galvanized steel, materials from site


Six frames, each 24" x 24" x 2"

Testing the Waters details the treatment process of the 40 acre water treatment park Acid Mine Drainage and Art in Vintondale, PA. Acid mine drainage (AMD) pollutes hundreds of streams in Pennsylvania. Because the project is landscape based, and cannot move from its site, Testing the Waters was created as a mobile artwork to show aspects of the water treatment taking place out in the post-industrial landscape of a coal mining region in Pennsylvania. The project is a series of galvanized metal frames that hold plates of glass sandblasted with images and maps of the project with the actual materials from the site packed in behind the glass.

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