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A life-size topographical map draws attention to the contours of the earth beneath the city’s grid.

Topo Map

School Avenue Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2018

Commissioned by the Walton Arts Center, NEA Our Town Grant in Collaboration with University of Arkansas Community Design Center


Thermoplastic line striping


7 city blocks long, width of street and sidewalk

Topo Map tells an ecological story directly on the pavement of Fayetteville's busy School Avenue. Rendered in vivid blue and orange lines, this life-size topographical map runs across the avenue and highlights the often-overlooked presence of urban nature.

The long, steep climb between two of Fayetteville’s most important cultural institutions, the award-winning Fayetteville Public Library and the Walton Arts Center, is enlivened by a three-block-long lesson in ecological literacy.

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