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In the pattern of tributaries, the blue roof gutters carry the storm water into the rain garden.

Springside Rain Wall & Garden

Springside School Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008

In collaboration with the Philadelphia Water Department and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society


PVC pipe, glass pipe, native perennials, rainwater


32' tall x 41' wide

This garden treats the storm water from the roof of the classroom buildings. The rainwater from each drain splashes into a stone or concrete runnel and flows down a graded bio-swale filled with native irises, creating a trail of blue flowers in the late spring. The water then flows into a planted infiltration basin and soaks into the ground. The swale slows the passage of the storm water, while the basin allows the water to seep into the ground. The art gives a place for rain to infiltrate and prevents the storm water from being expelled directly into the local creek.

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