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Like a shady backyard for the Harmon Library in Phoenix, River of Shade creates a space for gardening, walking, and hanging out.

River of Shade

Harmon Library Park Phoenix, Arizona, 2010

In collaboration with architects Richard+Bauer and landscape architect David Green

Supported by the Harmon Neighborhood Associations, the community, City of Phoenix Office of Cultural Affairs, Phoenix Public Library, and the Department of Recreation.


Crushed glass, Palo Verde trees, steel, concrete, lighting bollards and poles



Connecting the new Harmon Library and the neighborhoods of South Phoenix, River of Shade becomes the library’s backyard. In this extremely hot and open landscape, the design creates an asset of dappled shade. Part of the project was the forming of a new community garden, with beds and water sources surrounded by an artful but protective fence. This new garden encourages the diverse local population to grow a myriad of vegetables together.

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