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Tracing the path of rain along a half mile stretch from street to storm drain to stream.

Passage of Rain

Charlotte, North Carolina, 2015

Part of Keeping Watch on Water, directed by Crista Cammaroto, June Lambla, and Mary Newsom.

Commissioned by UNC Charlotte College of Arts and Architecture and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute with Lambla artWORKS.


Painted wood sticks, line striping paint, PVC marking whiskers


Variable, crossing about a half mile of different ground surfaces in a neighborhood: asphalt, concrete, stream bank, lawn

Passage of Rain traces a path of rain and runoff along a half mile stretch from the street down in the storm drains to the final destination of Irwin Creek. This project creates a full scale planting plan for the buffer zone along a daylighted portion of the creek. Each stake is color coded to correspond to different native plants, which will prevent the stream banks from erosion. After the initial installation, the stakes were replaced with native shrubs, planted according to their respective color. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services did the planting as part of their stream buffer initiative.

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