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A meandering pathway leads visitors over a wetland, above native plants, and to the doors of the new Stevens Creek Nature Preserve.

Meander Walk

Stevens Creek Nature Preserve Charlotte, North Carolina, 2020


Fiberglass grating, concrete footers, and galvanized steel structure suspected over a retention basin


1,240 sq. ft.

On maps we see creeks as thin blue lines. On the rare occasions when we actually get down to the shores of a creek, we see only one particular moment of liquid movement—but have no sense of the creek’s larger passage across the land. Meander Walk gives visitors to the Stevens Creek Nature Preserve a kinetic sense of a creek’s meandering form. Instead of walking a straight line of a sidewalk, visitors take a creek-like journey from the parking lot to the front entrance. When people visit the new Stevens Creek nature center building, everyone will feel the sinuous passage of the creek, and get a visceral sense of this meander pattern by moving with the creek’s form.

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