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The artwork brings the river water out of its banks —allowing us to perceive the body of water from both a side view and from below.

Inventory: Rain and the River

Philadelphia Flower Show, 2018

Commissioned by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

In collaboration with Habithèque, Inc

Part of Windows in the Watershed


Plastic and tulle


16' high x 65' long x 35' wide

Inventory is a ‘dry stream’ in the tradition of Japanese dry rock gardens that utilize curving lines of stones to represent a flowing waterway. Like these ancient gardens, Inventory creates a sense of flow with no water present. In this artwork, the stream is pictured with materials that are neither wet nor natural, but they imply a natural watery world.

"The cascade long ago

ceased to roar,

But we continue to hear

the murmur

of its name."

Poem from the Hyakunin isshu Anthology

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