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A curtain made of seven hundred and fifty buoys rises and falls with the creek’s water level.

Bushkill Curtain

Bushkill Creek Easton, Pennsylvania, 2011

Temporary project for Art of Urban Environments Festival


Seven hundred and fifty painted buoys, steel cable, hardware


79' wide x 30' high x 7" deep

Bushkill Curtain spans Bushkill Creek in Easton, Pennsylvania. Hung from the arched opening beneath an old silk mill, the artwork registers ongoing changes in the creek’s water flow, which varies dramatically depending on rainfall. In low water, the curtain hangs straight down and responds to the wind like a lace curtain. As the water rises, the curtain floats on the creek’s surface, drawn forward by the flow. A temporary four-month project created for Easton's Art of Urban Environments Festival, Bushkill Curtain creates a site where the masonry of industrial architecture meets with a creek’s variable nature.  Manmade materials interact with the elements of wind and water to mark changes in the site’s hydrological cycle.

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