The eternal rhythm of the tide rises and falls against the hard edge of the city.


Pier on the Hudson River, Yonkers New York

Commission granted May 2007

by the Yonkers Waterfront Development Commission

20 feet tall x 355 feet long  x 230 feet wide

Light poles, LEDs, glass, steel.

Commission $200,000

Twenty feet tall light tubes are programmed to respond to the ebb and flow of the tide on the Hudson River. At high tide, the poles are fully lit with a blue light which slides down the pole as the tide ebbs. Cast glass insets of fish swimming are set in the sidewalk. A lace-like fence with cutouts of the local algae and microorganisms lines the pier creating shadows on the pavement on sunny days. This same cutout steel wraps the lower portion of the poles emitting light through the cutouts.

Like a “tide thermometer,” the lights move up and down the twenty foot poles showing us exactly where the tide is in real time.

Day and night, the tide is made apparent. 

A pattern of algae lace is cut out of a steel fence, giving a sense of the delicate beauty of the life forms living in the river water.

Drawings for the algae lace.

Diagram of algae lace on the base of the poles.

Presentation proposal. It is difficult to see the tide in real time -- this project vivifies the twice daily ebb and flow of the four-foot tide on the Hudson River.