Interacting with all essential components of the garden
and nature in general: the earth, wind, and water.



Mall C of the Downtown Cleveland Mall


Painted Steel

16-20 feet tall

Commissioned by LAND Studio

In collaboration with James McKnight, Landscape Architect and Osborn Engineering and Rust Belt Welding, Fabricators

Sky Blossoms celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the Shaker Lakes Garden Club. Sky Blossoms brings together the local wind and weather patterns using painted metal and living native plants. The form is inspired by flowers in the garden and the meander of the Cuyahoga River as it passes through Cleveland.

The fins are painted with colors of blossoms and sky.

Aerial view from Hilton hotel across the street.

View looking from the amphitheater.

Meandering planting beds reflecting the course of the Cuyahoga River.

The meandering beds are planted with native grasses.

Prototyping the fins in the artist's studio. 

Prototyping plant boxes.