A field of pink swaying seed heads line the riverbank.


Agano River, Niigata, Japan


Styrofoam buoys, bamboo poles, paint

Dimensions variable

Temporary project for Niigata Water and Land Art Festival 


Riverine is comprised of 600 stems of painted styrofoam buoys mounted on top of 18’ tall bamboo poles. They are installed on a floodplain, the cusp between land and water. These stems move like tall grasses responding to the choreography of the wind. These stems mark the area that should be vegetated with willows to hold the banks and create habitat along the river. At the end of the project it was intended to remove each stem and plant the hole with a bare root willow plant, but the Agano River Authority decided against this.

Visitors can move through the landscape.

Or see the field from the road.

From a distance, the seeds form a horizon of pink spheres.

Up close, the tall stems arch out of the grassy vegetation, reflecting on the need for an additional layer of plants.

The project was like a full scale planting plan for additional shrubs and trees to be placed along the shores.

The buoys on bamboo poles were inspired by insect galls on Goldenrod stems in the fields at the artist’s studio.

Buoys were painted and strung onto the bamboo poles.

The project had many vantage points: from the road, to the walking path, and across the river.

The artist, Stacy in a pile of buoys.