Conjuring rain, this artwork reveals the origin of water in our landscape.


Water Play Floor, Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Molded acrylic and recycled water

13 feet 6 inches by 3 foot 9 inches

Commissioned by Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

Curated by Anne Fullenkamp

Many water play exhibits deal with the water systems within our cities and on the land. This particular artwork brings a sense of where the water comes from. The meandering gutter creates a recirculating rain shower that can be played under. Children collect water in buckets and run with umbrellas amid the raindrops. This piece gives an understanding that our water starts from the sky, in the form of rain.

The piece connects different forms of water: the meandering form of rivers and streams to the falling rain.

Children can play in the rain drops.

And enjoy an indoor rainstorm.

“I’m catching my breath and drying my feet after a morning in Waterplay. Kids are dancing under Rain Meander like they are Gene Kelly – truly great.” --- Anne Fullenkamp