Lay Lines shows the elements at work on eroding the granite coast of Maine.


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, ME


Surveyor’s tape, blown glass, tracing paper, LED lights

Dimensions variable

Lines of pink surveyor’s tape fill the cracks of the huge granite boulders at the edge of the sea, highlighting the deep grooves of erosion of the granite.

Hyacinth blue spheres are submerged at different levels in the pools of bog water. The glass balls show the true color of the water: the red hue appears as a red arc in the clear external gaze of glass. 

Attached to the rock surface, slivers of rectangular tracing paper rattle in the wind, showing the continual action of the wind as it slowly blows away the stone’s surface.

At night tiny yellow LED lights illuminate the fissures in the boulders, appearing like miniature cliff-side villages in the dark. Hyacinth-blue spheres are submerged at different levels in a pool of bog water.