Every day of precipitation is captured in a bottle and placed back into the calendar.


Chemical Heritage Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2013 - 2014 (one year of rain)

Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, New York 1999 (three months of rain)

Larry Becker Contemporary Art,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1993 (two months of rain)

Sandblasted bottles, glass shelves, naturally occurring precipitation, flask

Dimensions variable

  A glass bottle sandblasted with the calendar date represents each day of the exhibition. Each day’s bottle is placed under a collection funnel. The bottles are filled depending on the weather of that particular day and replaced back into the calendar.

During the exhibition, the current day’s bottle is placed under a flask. If it rained or snowed that day, the precipitation is funneled into the gallery.

After 24 hours, the bottle is capped and placed back into the calendar, which is a series of five glass shelves representing each month.

By the end of the show, the piece visually creates a bar graph of the rainfall for each week.

Sandblasted text on the shelf repeats folklore about the weather. For example, the sayings “a pale moon brings rain,” and “pigeons fly before the rain.”

The piece has captured up to a year of rainfall. 

Here, the bottles representing June’s rainfall are growing algae at the Chemical Heritage Society show, Sensing Change.

Calendar of Rain joins data and visual comprehension so that people can understand the changing weather patterns.