The surface of water is dryly drawn inside the gallery.


Williams Center Gallery, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania


Vinyl, copper-coated steel, flooring, rubber

30 feet wide  x 45 feet long  x 3 feet tall


An installation about the memory of Salmon Lake in North Belgrade, Maine, Blue Lake creates a dry space, which evokes the sense of water. Light passes through the transparent blue vinyl discs casting blue shadows on the floor. The viewer can walk in and out of the coves and bays making the stems sway and clink against each other. 

Viewers can lie under the water.

Though made of completely dry materials, the installation evokes wetness and fluidity.

As the viewer moves through the coves of the installation, the stems sway and clink together.

The blue discs are plastic gaskets for traffic lights and stems are copper-coated welding rods.

A sense of the water’s edge was most apparent from outside the gallery.