Bright blue surveying markers trace the underground water-flow in an orchard in Quebec.


Créations-sur-le-Champ, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada


Plastic and steel

6-inch-tall plastic marking whiskers arranged in a meandering path; path varies from 6 inches wide to 3 feet wide


The flow of underground water is a mystery to many; a great deal of water travels unseen below the surface of the landscape. Blue Grass uses plastic surveying markers to depict the path of underground water-flow in an apple orchard in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, an off-island suburb of Montreal in Quebec.

The blue markers call attention to the water that is essential to the flourishing of the orchard.

The path of the water is accessible for visitors to the orchard of all ages and sizes.

The meandering path of markers show the presence of water throughout the fall and winter seasons.