An organza fabric 60-foot-tall blue tube recreates the sea’s tide in the core of the Miami Dade Community College.


Atrium of the Miami Dade Community College, Miami, Florida


Fabric, plastic, steel cable, timers and motor

60 feet tall x 3 feet in diameter


Despite only being three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, faculty, staff, and students at MDCC easily forget the twice-a-day tide in the Biscayne Bay. A Month of Tides brings a sense of the sea’s tide into a huge atrium at the core of the school. At high tide, the 60-foot-tall transparent blue tube rises to the top floor of the atrium, and slowly sinks to the floor by low tide.

The movement, which followed the actual tidal sequence in the bay, averages a speed of one foot per eight minutes. Like the tide, the tube reveals its movement not through a few moments of watching, but over the course of the day. Students ride the escalator throughout the day and can witness the slow change of the tidal tube, as they enter and leave their classrooms.